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Hot Cross Cake

hot cross cake

Indulge in a Hot Cross Cake

In a playful change-up from the conventional cooler weather ambiance of toasted hot cross buns, Le Yeahllow has ushered in a breath of warm Easter air with their take on the ‘not cross bun’. These hyper realistic Hot Cross Cake’s. are the stuff Easter dreams are made of, and feature a moist centre of hot cross bun sponge enriched with plump raisins, chocolate chips, and a decadent Valrhona chocolate cremeux.

Perfect Treat for Easter Gatherings

Each slice is adorned with layers of allspice whipped ganache and detailed chocolate decorations. Available as a singular ‘bun’ or in a larger slab of 6, 9, 16, or 24, they make for the perfect treat for Easter gatherings, or as a delightful me-time indulgence. 

Hot Cross CAKE Slab

Get ready for the return of Le Yeahllow’s Easter special—the Hot Cross Cake Slab, offered in four different sizes to cater to your preferences. We’ve taken the classic hot cross bun, paired it with Valhorna chocolate, and made it into artisan cake. This creation is not only a delicious treat but also a stunning dessert to wow your guests.

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