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Davidson Plum Cake

Uniquely Australian

Uniquely Australian, this cake’s main ingredient, Davidson Plum, can only be found in New South Wales and Queensland. Perfect for a souvenir after your trip to Australia.

Australian Cakes

The Perfect Souvenir

When you’re uncertain about what souvenir to bring home, consider our Davidson Plum Cake. This expertly crafted delight captures the essence of Australia’s native fruit, combining the citrusy notes of the native plum with a rich, buttery cake.

A Thoughtful Gift

Ideal for those looking for a thoughtful and convenient gift option, our cake maintains its excellence at room temperature and is easily portable. Make your souvenir choice memorable with the unique taste of Australia packed into our Davidson Plum Cake.

Australian Cakes

Australian Cakes

Native Fruit, Unique Flavour

Discover the art of gifting and immerse yourself in the authentic essence of Australia with our Davidson Plum Cake. Elevate your souvenir selection by opting for this delectable treat that beautifully encapsulates the unique flavours of our native fruit. Choose our Davidson Plum Cake today and make your souvenir experience truly unforgettable!

The Great Harvest Whole Cake

As you explore our offerings, you’ll discover that each cake and mooncake is not just a culinary delight but also a heartfelt connection to the Mid Autumn Festival. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift or a delightful treat for your family gatherings, our collection has something special to offer.


The Great Harvest Collection

This Mid Autumn Festival, celebrate the joy of togetherness and the bountiful harvest with our thoughtfully curated Blackcurrant Mooncake and The Great Harvest collection. Share the love and warmth of the season with these exquisite creations that embody the essence of this beloved festival.


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